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  • Beginner Word for November: Manners

    Beginner Word for November: Manners

    This month we will be discussing Manners with all of our beginner students in our martial arts classes. We refer to Manners as how we show other people that they matter. As with all of our concepts, we will be presenting our scripted mat chats provided by our developmental psychologist to help with a well-rounded understanding of manners. But we will be following up with specific examples of martial arts manners, ranging from bowing, taking turns, or being a supportive partner. Our character project should already be in your email (for existing students), but I encourage parents to take a couple of extra minutes to recognize when you catch your child doing something right. Taking a moment ....

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  • The Importance of Preparation

    In martial arts, success is not just a matter of skill and technique. Behind every kick, every powerful punch, and every technique lies a crucial element that sets the foundation for success - preparation. At Balanced Martial Arts, we understand that preparation is key to unlocking the true potential of our young students. In this blog, we dive into the significance of preparation in martial arts for kids, exploring how it nurtures discipline, self-confidence, and the ability to conquer challenges. Building the Path to Discipline: Preparation is essentially discipline. Teaching kids the value of preparation from an early age instills a sense of responsibility and accountability. ....

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  • 5 Tips For Helping Your Child Complete Tasks Without the Yelling

    In a world where instant gratification and quick fixes dominate our daily lives, teaching children the value of perseverance is more crucial than ever. As so many of the alternative activities become easier and easier to access, likelihood of abandoning an old difficult activity for a new one increases immensely. Yet we all know the ability to see tasks through to completion is a vital life skill that equips children with resilience, determination, and a growth mindset. We will do a deep dive into strategies on how to complete tasks in our seminars in the weeks of July 10 th and August 21 st , here are a 5 of the concepts we plan on covering if you want to implement some at home. ....

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  • 5 Keys to Helping Kids Get Started on Tasks

    For kids who have a hard time getting started on tasks (which is most kids), there are several tricks we will be teaching this summer in our seminars about “Goals: Strategies to Get Started.” Much of the conflict parents have with their children on things like chores or homework tie into this skill set, so learning this skill set will go a long way to a happy home (for both parents and kids alike). While we will be going into greater depth and role playing these concepts with students in our seminars on July 10th and August 14 th , here is a quick list of things you can incorporate at home. Break tasks into smaller steps: Children often find big tasks overwhelming. ....

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  • Head Into the Summer with A Review of Anti-Bullying

    As summer approaches, children everywhere eagerly anticipate the freedom and fun the break brings. However, alongside this excitement, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential challenges that may arise, such as encounters with bullies. Heading into the summer when kids are exposed to so many new spaces and faces, a review of anti-bullying strategies is incredibly important. Empowering children with the necessary tools to handle bullies is essential for fostering their resilience and ensuring a safe and enjoyable summer. Here are a few key components of standing up to bullies we will be covering in our seminars the week of June 26th and before the school year in the week of August ....

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  • Focus: The ability to choose how we live our life

    Focus: The ability to choose how we live our life

    Focus: The ability to choose how we live our life This month in martial arts class, we are teaching our students about focus. Focus is one of those buzzwords students and their parents come to us with, but if I ask people why they want to develop focus they give me varying reasons. Sometimes it’s because they want their child to do better in school. For others, so there are fewer arguments at home. Others still so their child can complete tasks without having to be constantly managed. But the definition I like to think of for focus is the ability to choose how we live our life. Most adults, and the kids we are around, feel like they get distracted from the things they really want ....

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  • 3 Key Points to Build Persistence

    3 Key Points to Build Persistence

    The journey to a black belt is a lesson in persistence. Due to the wide variety of skills and traits required to earn your black belt, you will run into several things that cause you to struggle. For some, it's kicking high, for others it's standing still, for others it's moving fast. As you face those struggles and overcome them, you learn how to overcome the adversity inherent to everyday life. Here are a few of the key steps we want every student to learn on their journey to a black belt. Have a plan for when it's hard: Far too often coaches fall into the trap of trying to teach how to deal with hard things AFTER adversity. People are far more receptive to guidance when ....

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  • Leadership Lessons at Balanced Martial Arts this Month

    This month in Leadership Team we will be working on making a positive first impression. The start of the school year is when kids get a chance to define themselves to peers and teachers, and a great first impression can also help to establish a positive self-image. Giving kids a few simple words, and then the ability to practice is what any student needs to set themselves apart at the start of the school year. This month, look for our Leadership students to work on making a good first impression on their juniors, their peers, and their elders. ....

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  • Luke’s Black Belt Story

    Luke’s Black Belt Story

    Meet Luke! Luke started martial arts in 2015 when he was 6 years old. Luke is also a member of our Black Belt Club, and you can see him attending workshops on the weekend. On June 12th, 2022, Luke received the rank of 1st Kyu! Luke was a new brown belt when we had to pivot to Zoom during the pandemic, but this did not stop him. He adapted, adjusted, and gave it his all to earn his black belt. When he first started, his parents wanted their kindergartener to grow his confidence. His mom says, “Luke was very quiet in social situations and lacked-self confidence.” They liked that martial arts was a sport where students move at their learn own pace to earn their own ....

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  • James’s Black Belt Story

    James’s Black Belt Story

    Meet James James officially started his martial arts journey in the fourth grade and joined our Leadership Team about a year later. In June of 2022, James earned his first-degree black belt. What does James believe a black belt is? He believes, “A black belt is, really a symbol of dedication. It isn’t something that you can really be inherently excluded from, it just requires effort.” James’ dedication to martial arts is something that has grown more and more, especially when he earned his brown belt. He says, “I nearly quit martial arts around green belt simply because I disliked how much free time it took up. Now, even though a brown belt is ....

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