Happy December, Brown Belt!

It's a new month, which means that the Monthly Binder Check Board has been reset! Let's see if YOU can be #1 this month. Austin had an unbelievable 20 check-offs in November, earning him the [...]

Summer Seminars – Fear is NOT a Factor

One of the major sources of disappointment in life is fear. While most of us equate fear with irrational ideas like the boogeyman in the closet or monsters under the bed. The reality is that [...]

Goals: Finishing What You Start

Following thru on a task is a critical part of long-term success, and for children, there are many tools we can provide them with to help them learn how to finish what they start. This [...]

Summer Seminars – Goals: Strategies to Get Started

When parents ask me what is the most difficult character trait to develop in children, I always point to task initiation. Task initiation is a technical subset of self-discipline, where as the name implies, we [...]

Added Layer of Air Filtration

As many of you know, we have been aiming to not only meet but exceed government guidance on indoor air purification in our classes. We have been doing that with three major tools. MERV-14 Air [...]

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