Thousands of students have improved their lives by embracing our approach to martial arts, which leads to improvements not only in training but in every venue from family to school to the dojo. It can be your turn now.

We love helping our students achieve their individual goals, and can’t wait to help you. So if you are looking for yourself, or someone in your family, we have a plan for your success. Whether it is learning to stand up for yourself against a bully, socially or professionally we can show you the way. If it is developing a more focused mind, so that you get what you want the most instead of what you want right now, we can help. Maybe you hate the impersonal nature of most gyms, and want to get in shape with an inclusive activity where you can feel respected and accepted, well our martial arts program is going to be great for you.

We do all this with highly trained instructors, and an incredibly flexible schedule designed to accommodate your ever-changing life/needs. We will be here 7 days a week, to help you when you are ready for class. So that you or your family can earn your belts, achieve your goals and exceed your own expectations.

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Sensei Marc

Sensei Marc started training at 12 years old, and has been at Balanced Martial Arts consistently ever since. He quickly was selected as one of a handful of potential teachers early on in the history of the school and has been on staff ever since. His caring nature with younger students makes for an interesting contrast to his wins in full contact kickboxing matches.


Sensei Lea

Sensei Lea started training with us over 15 years ago, and progressed from a normal student, to a leadership team member, to a part time instructor while she completed school, and finally joining us full time after graduating college in 2019. Always popular with the students for her combination of humor and caring, she looks forward to helping each student grow and improve.


Sensei Jeff

The school founder and obviously longest running Sensei, he has nearly three decades experience teaching students martial arts. He is motivated to teach his students everything that we all wish they learned in school, so that they can fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

Sensei David

Our one boomerang Sensei, Sensei David trained with us in high school before heading off to college. After graduating he got the itch to rejoin our community, and was selected to join our instructor team shortly thereafter. While he is the junior most of our Senior Instructors at the school, his commitment to providing students with extra individual attention is unsurpassed.

Sensei Charlie

Still in high school, Sensei Charlie is the only part time instructor listed on our staff bio page because he has earned it. His combination of youth, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence makes him a unique role model for our younger students and an excellent guide on their to black belt excellence.

Sensei Angelo

Sensei Angelo is the second longest standing full time instructor at the school, with over a decade helping students reach their personal goals. His warmth and caring for students is exceptional and makes him a beloved figure amongst the community.

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