Meet Anna:

Anna started martial arts at 6 years old, and joined Black Belt Club soon after. She earned her black belt in 2019. She started her training in our children’s classes before joining our Teen/Adult classes.

To become a black belt, you need to develop determination, which Anna most definitely has! Anna’s determination can even be seen at home, as her parents stated, “her desire to do well is something quite amazing. If you want something done quickly you ask Anna, and she will have it completed in no time. She can focus and has such determination that it makes our life full and happy just to be around her.”
On her black belt journey, there were times where Anna had self-doubt; however, she knows “getting a black belt isn’t easy, but if you have confidence in yourself and try your best, it shows that you really care about reaching this goal. You have to be self-confident and persevere.”

Like most kids, Anna didn’t know the why behind her parents’ decision to enroll her in martial arts. Anna says, “When I first started karate I didn’t think I would come this far. I didn’t know why I was doing it. When I asked my parents why I had I had to do it, they always said it was because it would benefit me, just wait.”

Anna then realized the importance of her martial arts training. She recalls her first belt promotion, and how it motivated her to keep moving forward. She says, “When I got my yellow belt, I suddenly realized that I had to keep going. It was pretty easy when I was younger, but when I kept getting older, it became harder and harder. I knew that I kept getting stronger and more confident in myself as a person. At times, my body didn’t want to keep pushing, but I told myself it was worth the pain. At times I wanted to quit, but I never did. I had a goal, and I had to reach it.”