Ways to Observe Martial Arts Class – Starting on Wednesday the 15th!

For years we have happily had a student’s family able to observe a class and hear what lessons are being taught in class. Obviously, the safety measures related to COVID-19 forced that long-standing tradition to be paused. However, we are excited to say we have a couple of opportunities now for families to come and observe the class.

Outdoor Classes: For the last year families have been able to observe class from outside the training area. However, we are now welcoming families to sit closer. Families will not be able to sit directly next to students in class but will be allowed inside the barriers to hear and see class clearly. A couple of quick points.

  • Bring a chair along.
  • You are welcome to bring your family with you, and no masks are required. But please do your best to maintain an appropriate distance from other visitors and students not part of your household.
  • There is no limit to the number of outdoor classes you can observe.
  • No need to reserve a spot to observe.

    Indoor Classes: Indoor observation will be more limited than outdoor observation, but will be available daily for classes held in the red room. Here are the key points of indoor observation. We expect the details of this option will change as we see how the next couple of weeks go. But for now, here are the big points.

  • Only 2 observers will be allowed per class – and only 1 person per family. You will need to reserve a spot in an observer class and will be limited to only 1 class per month for now. If we have an open observer spot when class starts, we will allow a parent to fill the spot, but you can only reserve 1 in advance. The signup class will show up on your member site
  • Observers will sit directly behind their child and will have to follow the same safety protocols as their child (mask, health screening). This will put any observer well outside of 6 feet from any child but their own.