One of the major sources of disappointment in life is fear. While most of us equate fear with irrational ideas like the boogeyman in the closet or monsters under the bed. The reality is that fear tends to present in 2 different major forms, refusing to try and refusing to continue on after encountering adversity.

As a parent, we all have seen our children demonstrate both of these. The refusal to try a new food, the refusal to participate in an activity or class, giving up on a task ranging from completing a game to completing their homework can all be linked to fear.

As with all seminars, we use a multifaceted approach to teaching this character skill.

  1. Establishing our motivation, or our why.
  2. Preplanning our responses to fear.
  3. Pre-planned exposure to new challenges and to failure.

Our normal classes are great for helping students with building confidence, with annual surveys routinely showing 100% of parents reporting improvements in confidence in their children. But following a year plus of some of the most anxiety-inducing events imaginable, this seminar might very well be the most valuable and relevant ever.

Hope to see you soon,

Sensei Jeff