With Stage 1 of re-opening now officially underway in our region, we are asking all of our students to help us craft a training regimen that will be of maximum benefit to you and your family. Some aspects of these classes are going to be governed by government regulations, others are going to be student survey driven. This first survey really just focuses on how long and often the classes will be held.

If you could take this short 5 question survey, it will help us create a plan that works for you. But if you want a bit more clarity before answering, please continue reading and I will explain a bit more thoroughly what we are looking at doing. Switching back to in-person classes will not be required when we resume offering in-person classes. Yes, we expect that someday we will be back to fully in-person training and look forward to feeling more normal. Our question today focuses on which format of classes would think serves your family needs best in the short term (the next 2-3 months). Once we have received the results of this, and a few other polls, we will update our schedule page and email all current students a copy of our schedule of martial arts classes.

  • 40 Minute Classes– 2 times per week. This would be most similar to a normal class schedule.
  • 90 Minute Classes– 1 time per week. We have taught in this format for years, in workshops.
  • 3 Hour Classes– Every 2 weeks. Again, this is something we have done for years in workshops and seminars.

For any of these class formats, you should expect that we will require advance registration with limited class sizes. There is a lack of clarity at this point as to what our class sizes can/should be, and we will wait for clear guidance from the experts as to what is safe given our class.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and on what will best serve your family’s needs. I appreciate you taking the time to help us to make your children’s experience better.

Sensei Jeff