Safety Procedures for Returning to Outdoor Classes

As we prepare for in person classes, staff and student safety as always is at the forefront of our thoughts. Given the current health crisis, safety measures are very much focused on virus infection prevention. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our new policies and procedures as they relate to outdoor classes.

As we layout our procedures for in person classes, I do want to remind all of our students and their families that they are permitted to continue to only use online training resources. It is our sincere hope, that adding outdoor training into our training mix will both provide an alternative for students who partake in outdoor classes, while simultaneously reducing the number of students in group Zoom classes to provide each student with more individual attention on that platform.

Class Pre-Registration Requirement:

All students who choose to attend an in person class, must register on our member connect site to be able to attend class.

This pre-registration requirement allows us to control class sizes to be in accordance with both government regulations and our own safety protocols. Classes will be much smaller, which will allow us to maintain greater distances between students, and allow us to give each student more individual attention in class.

Checklist for What to Bring to Class:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Sneakers (Students should wear their sneakers to and during class)
  • Water
  • Mask
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer

Class Drop Off Procedures:

It is important that students are either walked from their car by their parent to the check in area on the north side of the building, or they have their car pulled up from the north side of the building to allow for safe drop off. Parents must wait for their child to be screened before leaving.

This video gives an excellent breakdown of the drop off procedure.


All students will be asked a few health screening questions when they arrive for class. To make sure you are not going to have you or your child refused entry to class I strongly recommend checking the following before registering for a class and/or attending.

  • Have you traveled in the last 2 weeks to an area that is currently on New York’s list of states that require you to quarantine.
  • Have you/they been in personal contact with a person infected with Covid-19 in the past 14 days?
  • Have you shown any of the symptoms of Covid-19 ? This site lists the CDC recognized symptoms for Covid-19

If you or your child attend class, you are attesting to the fact that you are in compliance with these screening restrictions.

Students will also be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the training area. They are welcome to use their own hand sanitizer or can use what we provide. Additionally, students will frequently be coached on best practices for hand sanitizing/hand washing. This video here is a good representation of some of the hand washing skills we will cover with them.

A couple of key points we have run into some issues with in the first couple of weeks

  • Please do not enter the training area from the south side (by CVS). We do not want unscreened students walking through the training area.
  • Remember parents/guardians please do not leave until your child has been screened and approved to enter the training area.

Training Area:

Each student has their own training island that will be assigned to them for the class. These training islands are about 6’8” by 6’8”. The center of each training island will be a minimum of 9’ from the center of the nearest training island in all classes (except for sibling classes where sibling mats will be pushed together).

When on their training island, students are permitted to remove their training masks. However, parents can direct their children to wear their masks even on their island and the Senseis will enforce that guidance. If you wish to have your child wear their mask even on their training mat, please inform the instructors at drop off.

All training materials, including the mats they train on and pads they use, will be cleaned between each class.

Sibling Classes:

Siblings regardless of rank are permitted to attend sibling classes. When you attend sibling class, you will be allowed direct contact with your sibling, but will enforce all other safety requirements.

Observing Class:

Our outdoor training area is setup to allow for easy viewing from the comfort of your own car. For the first week, did allow parents to sit inside the training area to observe classes. However, for the time being we are restricting parents to only observe from outside the training area. This will allow us to maintain more distance for students as we allow students to attend outdoor classes more frequently.


Students will be dismissed at pickup 1 by 1 to make sure they can safely return to their vehicle. If you are picking up your child, we please ask you to not enter the training area if at all possible. Parents, we will be happy to bring your child to your car if you wish to remain in your vehicle. Note that pick-ups should be on the North side of the parking lot (between Wells Fargo and Stop & Shop).

Emergency Pick-Up:

Unfortunately, outside classes make us vulnerable to weather conditions. If weather becomes less than ideal (light rain, noticeable but not dangerous wind gusts, a spike in temperature) we will modify our class activities and allow for early pick up of students. This might even involve us calling parents to encourage students to be picked up early.

If a more severe change in weather takes place (lighting, heavy rain, dangerous winds) we will immediately dismiss students who have the ability to be picked up. Any student who can not leave the class in a timely manner will be allowed to shelter in the building and get picked up from the front door. The following safety measures will be in place to protect them when they are inside.

  1. Students will not do physical activity, instead we will talk with them until they are picked up.
  2. Students must wear their facemasks while inside.
  3. Students will be distanced a minimum of 6’ from the nearest person in the room, but if possible even further apart.
  4. The air conditioners in the school are equipped with MERV rated filters meeting or exceeding state recommendations.
  5. We have in each training room a Conway Airmega Smart Air Purifier with a HEPA filter in each training room to add another layer of protection.

Weather Related Closings:

To avoid unfortunate early class dismissals, and to make sure students are safe from heat, wind and rain . We will cancel class blocks if one of the following conditions are met.

  1. High heat during the class time.
  2. High chance of rain during the class time.
  3. Dangerous winds during the class time.
  4. Rain before the class time has left the ground damp and creating dangerous footing.

If classes are cancelled due to weather conditions, extra semi private lessons will be added to the schedule during that time block to allow students to train safely from their homes. You also have the option to making up the class in person on a different day later in the 2 week cycle.

Students on the Hybrid training program will also be allowed to attend Group Zoom Classes on any day that we cancelled in person outdoor classes.

Disciplinary Action:

Students whose behavior violates our safety protocols and therefore pose a risk to the safety of other students or staff, will face the possibility of a suspension from in person training and revert the student exclusively to online training resources. The length of such a suspension will be solely at the discretion of Balanced Martial Arts, and will be based upon the severity of the infraction.