Our introductory program is designed to help you or your child start their martial arts experience with a mix of personal attention, and getting a feel of group classes. For most students, after a couple of weeks you feel comfortable and prepared to make a decision to continue on beyond our introductory programs.

The first step will be coming to a private session. These sessions are about 30 minutes long, and are designed to help you learn some martial arts basics, get a feel for what our instructors are like (warm and welcoming is what we shoot for), and prepare for a group class.

Following your first private session, we will have you schedule and attend a couple of group classes. Most students have classes 7 days a week to pick from, and you just select the ones that work for you. 

In group sessions you get a sense of what the community is like, how the group classes run, and continue to learn some beginner curriculum.

After about a week, we are going to have your second private session and student-teacher conference. This second private session is a bit shorter, 10-15 minutes, and is designed to check to see if you have picked up what we have been teaching you in class. If there is something that we haven’t gotten to with you, we will make sure to review it with you in this session. Attached to this private session, we do a student-teacher conference. In this meeting we will discuss your goals, really dive deep to understand them better, and talk about what our plan would be to help to guide you or your child towards those goals.

In addition to all of this, you also get a student uniform so you can look the part and feel the part. You get all of this for just $69, and it is a great way to find out why we have been voted Best of Westchester 3 times.



While we have classes 7 days a week for most students, we generally look for students to attend 2-3 times per week. Once you are assigned to a class group, you can select any class time from that class group on any given week to attend. We do recommend having at least a seasonal schedule, but you have the freedom to change as your life demands.

We teach a blend of a couple of different systems, aiming to have a well rounded student who can both defend themselves, be in great shape and develop personal mastery. With that being said, our base system is Japanese Jujitsu but we have influences from Kenpo, Muay Thai, Brazillian Jujitsu and Tae Kwon Do.

Yes, the vast majority of students after a year report improvements in focus and confidence. So our students tend to get their homework done with less fighting or arguing, and better results.

Most likely yes. We don’t really know until you do our introductory program which is really built to let us see if you have what it takes, and let you find out if you can handle the challenges of class. But becoming a black belt doesn’t require you to be a 1% athlete, it requires and develops a strong mind.

Siblings and spouses regularly can train together, as can teens and their parents. We do have a couple of family classes on weekends, where parents practice in one room while their children are in the other. Part of each of those classes we have you come together for an activity, but we find most parents find the novelty of spending the entire class with their child wears off quickly.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!