Thanks to the many students who participated in our survey to help craft our schedule for the month of March. I have been reading each response and looking at the martial arts classes you are most interested in attending. This combined with the CDC no longer recommending masking in our area has led us to slowly move forward with various mask optional classes. You will find two such class types added to the schedule starting as early as Sunday. These new classes are in addition to existing class options like Outdoor, Indoor Masked, and Zoom. As a reminder, we will still have our other indoor air purifications systems running throughout all of our classes.

Mask Optional Immunized:

This class will only appear on the schedule for students who have shown documentation of either natural immunity or vaccination. There are currently three class times for this class group.

  • Wednesday at 4:30 PM
  • Thursday 3:40 PM
  • Saturday at 11:45 AM

Mask Optional Open:

 These classes are open to any student, regardless of immunization status. This class too will have three class times.

  • Wednesday at 3:40 PM
  • Friday at 4:30 PM
  • Sunday at 1:30 PM

Both of these class groups will start off as all belt classes, which we will re-evaluate in 2 weeks. Which leads to an obvious question, Why all belt classes? There are some basic skills that we just haven’t been able to practice in a socially distanced environment. These classes will focus on basic safety skills for practicing with a partner, skills that regardless of rank students could use some basic review of. So in effect, every student in the school is new to these skills.

For some of our families, the rollout of mask optional classes is going to be a bit too slow. For others, the rollout of mask optional classes is going to be a bit too fast. We will watch very carefully class attendance, along with updates on COVID protocols, and we will be in touch to keep you informed of any changes.

Once again, thank you for your patience and participation in this process.

Sensei Jeff