This month we will be reviewing goal setting in all of our children’s martial arts classes. This annual activity for students is very helpful both in understanding the journey to black belt, and how to achieve other meaningful goals in life. The pursuit of long-term goals is always challenging, but a few simple steps will lead to more consistent success and growth. The three big steps you will see us cover are:

  1. Find your why. The pursuit of all meaningful goals is always accompanied by disappointment and frustration. A clear purpose or reason to push thru those periods of adversity is critical to finding the will to continue. Define that reason, and keep it in your mind when the going gets rough.
  2. Have a plan. The difference between a goal and a dream is a plan. In class, we will be teaching students our plan for them to earn their black belt. A sense of how long it takes, and what will be expected of you is incredibly important for a student to succeed.
  3. Habits that lead to success. We all know the adage, every journey begins with a single step. We will review with students the importance of establishing weekly habits to achieve long-term success.

While reviewing these steps is incredibly valuable for all of our students. For students who have been training for more than a year, we will cover a very important aspect of goal setting, checking our progress. Are you on the right track to accomplish your goal? Maybe you are ahead of schedule? Are you delayed, but not defeated? Dealing with the disappointment of a delay is perhaps the most important aspect of long-term goal setting and something we will cover extensively in our advanced martial arts and Leadership Team classes.

Hope to see you soon,

Sensei Jeff