With the continued loosening of COVID restrictions in our community, we are looking to add more and more mask optional martial arts classes to our schedule in April. As always, mask optional classes are just that, optional.  Students who decide to wear masks in those classes are welcome to attend and participate normally. When you attend these classes will also have more contact drills and less social distancing than classes just a few months ago. Students are welcome to opt-out of contact drills if this is their preference or need. While we have removed mask requirements in many classes, we will maintain our active air quality safety measures.

For students who aren’t yet comfortable attending mask optional classes, we will continue to offer some mask required classes and outdoor classes. Fortunately, it’s much warmer now and outdoor classes are much more comfortable. Once our schedule for next month is finalized, you can find it on our schedule page or on our member site.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!