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This month, our beginner students will be learning about and developing the black belt character concept- CONFIDENCE

Beginner students in martial arts experience a reliable and near instant boost in their confidence. This stems from our approach of exposing them to measured and tracked amounts of adversity, that takes into account who they are but also who we want them to be. By creating performance fixed performance standards, we are able to reliably have a student achieve meaningful objectives after overcoming this adversity. This leads to both a greater sense of self worth, but also a deeply rooted belief that they can do hard things. 

Students may not always achieve their goals right away, and this is all a part of the process. They are meant to struggle a bit, but see that success is achievable. According to the Child Mind Institute, “Not learning to tolerate failure leaves kids vulnerable to anxiety. It leads to meltdowns when the inevitable failure does occur, whether it happens in preschool or college. And perhaps even more important, it can make kids give up trying—or trying new things” (Child Mind Institute).

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-Sensei Lea

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