Following thru on a task is a critical part of long-term success, and for children, there are many tools we can provide them with to help them learn how to finish what they start. This seminar is dedicated to having children learn about how to overcome difficulties to complete their tasks and fulfill their dreams.

Like our seminars on Strategies to Get Started, the long-form training environment of a seminar is truly ideal for addressing this sister concept of Finishing what you start. As with most character concepts it will be taught thru a combination of conceptual discussions, stories, and role-play. Here a few key points to the outline.

  1. Not getting discouraged: Being comfortable dealing with the stress of adversity and disappointment as we pursue a goal.
  2. Managing and eliminating distractions for short-term goals.
  3. Seeking help in difficult situations.
  4. Maintaining your commitment to the goal: Your why.

This seminar is incredibly important and valuable for any child who has a hard time pursuing difficult goals. If you are interested in helping your child with this concept, we will review it during week 3 PM (July 12th to 16th), and week 8 AM (August 16th to 20th). For this, or any seminar, you can reserve a spot on our website or by completing this form and submitting it either in person or via email.

Hope to see you soon,

Sensei Jeff